Is it possible to repair personal credit?
Yes. The method is quite simple.

Creditors typically cut corners in reporting negative reports to your personal credit profile. In short, they habitually break the rules. An effective strategy is to use the rules to catch them breaking the rules, and the negative report must be removed. This takes time, know-how, and follow-up. Most people don’t have all three.

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These "rules" boil down to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Find it here:

Is it possible to do this yourself?

Yes. Will it take a great deal of time and effort, and consume your time? Yes. Will you encounter frustration in doing it yourself? Absolutely.

Then there’s the unwritten rule of credit repair… Creditors are in the habit of disrespecting people because they are often times disrespected. They are often hung-up on, avoided, insulted, and neglected. Creditors are frustrated, angry, agitated and irritated. So, its no surprise that they are willing to share these unpleasant feelings with you, the debtor, in the form of disrespect. 

In short, what goes around comes around. This means that repairing your personal credit on your own may lead to a character building experience. In other words, they may not take you seriously unless you have back-up, and your correspondence is written clearly. Furthermore, the creditor’s disrespectful actions pose as another opportunity for you, as the debtor, to get your credit report cleaned up.

Back-up costs money.
If you have credit problems, then money is most likely on the short side. Back-up usually means that you have an attorney that will do the work properly, and creditors know not to mess with attorneys. But again, attorneys cost money.
What's the solution?
Find a group that will provide you the back up you need without laying out the cash for an expensive attorney. There’s a group of attorneys that automated the process of repairing personal credit. They customize the letters and responses necessary to challenge the negative reports against your personal credit and have them removed. They prepare the letters for you. Then you sign the letters and wait for the creditor’s response. Even when the creditor doesn’t respond, you still win. They have a time limit to respond. Their silence is your win.
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What realistic gains are expected from repairing your personal credit?

Expect an improvement of 50 to 100 points within 75 days.

Benefits of repairing personal credit?

What can be disputed?

debt you owe

The debt you owe will remain. Simply because a negative report is removed doesn’t mean the debt is removed. It only means that the negative report is removed.

They prepare the letters. You get to see and read the letters that are sent out disputing the bad credit reports.

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