Rhode Island.


Rhode Island

Our shelf companies are prepared to be filed in Rhode Island and all other states.  Our goal is for you, as the new business owner, to be considered by others as the first and original owner/operator of the company.  That’s can’t be done with an Rhode Island-born company due to the public disclosure requirements and other regulations within Rhode Island.


The solution is to obtain an out-of-state aged shelf company that doesn’t report the owners on public records.  Then file it into Rhode Island and declare yourself to be the owner/operator.  Then the public and others consider you to be the first and original owner(s) because this is the first time an owner/operator was ever disclosed on the public record for this particular company.


There’s a small group of states that allow us to make this happen.  We filed our shelf companies in these specific states, where the owners won’t be disclosed.  Then you acquire one of these companies and file it into Rhode Island.

How Does This Benefit You?

You’re considered the first and original owner by lenders and others because no one else has reported ownership in the past.  Your disclosures to the Rhode Island Secretary of State and business licenses declare you as the owner.  So everyone sees you as the original owner/operator from the beginning.  It’s that simple.
An Rhode Island-born company doesn’t provide the same advantage.  Any Illionis-born company will involve updating the owners of the company on record.  This shift of ownership may lead to the reset of the respected age of the company to zero.  Acquiring one of our aged shelf companies and filing it into Rhode Island is the solution to building business credit with an aged-shelf company.
Keep in mind that we are the incorporator.  We only offer companies that we filed.  When you acquire one of our clean-aged companies, you are the original owner.  When acquiring an aged shelf company from us, you’re the first original owner/operator.  Our goal is for the public record to reflect that reality without snags, issues, or problems.  That’s the whole point of acquiring an aged shelf company.  The methodology of how your interest is reported is just as important as the age of the company itself.  In this way, you’re able to compete with established providers in sales and marketing, business credit, customer relations, renting commercial or industrial space, and other advantages.
We filed the company, maintained it, and offer it for sale to the person who will use it first.  The companies we offer are clean and unused, and there’s no transaction history.  Think of a school blackboard that was never marked with chalk.  It’s clean and unused. You want a company that’s clean of back taxes, bad debt, pending litigation, and other problems.

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