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Are you aware that the corporations and LLC's filed in California are high risk?

The corporate veil is what keeps the company’s affairs apart from your own. A company’s assets are at risk when it’s hit with a lawsuit. But your personal assets are a separate matter, as long as the corporate veil holds. 

If the corporate veil is set aside, the company and you will be considered the same person. That separateness (that protects you) no longer applies. In other words, your personal assets are at risk to whatever comes out of that lawsuit when the corporate veil is set aside.

California is horrible in respecting the corporate veil. The corporate veil gets no respect in California. CA attorneys charge clients money to file LLC’s and corporations. Then they attack the corporate veil of other LLC’s and corporations to attack the assets of other defendants. 

CA attorneys want to have their cake and eat it too. Because of this, incorporating in California carries high risk because there’s no respect for the corporate veil. California doesn’t respect property rights.

llc filing risks in california
What are the solutions?

Incorporate in another state and then file the company as a foreign corporation or foreign LLC in California. This severely weakens the ability for anyone to set aside the corporate veil when it’s originally filed in Wyoming, or any other state. Unlike California, Wyoming respects your right to life, liberty and property. Wyoming is pro-business, pro-property rights, pro-privacy.

We also provide a manager or director for your company to protect you. Since lawyers like to sue the company, the Director(s) and the Officer(s) of the company, then placing yourself in these positions also poses risk. If you’re applying for corporate credit, then you don’t have a choice.

Prospective lenders want to see your name on the company if you’re applying for corporate credit. If you’re not applying for corporate credit, and don’t anticipate applying for any credit in the first place, then obtaining a manager/Director for the company is a great idea. But why?

We provide an excellent incorporation service. Obtain a Wyoming LLC or Wyoming corporation, operating agreement, resolutions and the filing fee paid with the state for only $400. CALL 484-256-4563 for more information.
What's a foreign company? How does that vary from a domestic company?

In whatever state you live in, a company filed in that same state is considered a domestic corporation. A corporation filed in any other state is a foreign corporation. For example, a Wyoming corporation is domestic to the state of Wyoming. 

But it’s considered a foreign corporation in any other state. Likewise, a California corporation is domestic to the state of California. But a company filed in Delaware, Wyoming or other state is considered foreign to California.

Knowing the above, doing business in your state may require a “foreign filing” if the company was initially filed in another state.

First, why not obtain a shelf company made in your home state?
How to Register a Corporation or LLC in a State CALIFORNIA

This manual does not tell you how to FORM a corporation or LLC, but HOW TO REGISTER your corporation or LLC.

Understand the Process of Qualifying as a Foreign Corporation in California
If your Corporation or LLC is from another state, it will be considered a Foreign Corporation or LLC.
Things You’ll Need:
Step 1: Is your entity name already in use?

Check to see if the name of the Corporation or LLC you are wanting to register is already in use. If your entity name is already taken, you may need to modify your entity name slightly to register in that state.

To check business names in California:

Corporation LLC

Step 2: Complete Application Form

Obtain an application from the state’s department of commerce. The application will be called something like, “Application for Authority to Conduct Affairs” or “Registering a Corporation or LLC”. Often, you can download this from your state’s official Web site.

All California registration Forms are located here:

Some specific forms and filing fees are listed here for your convenience:


Statement and Designation of Foreign Stock Corporation – $100


LLC Articles of Organization Domestic – $70


LLC Registration Foreign – $70

Step 3: Certificate of Good Standing for Foreign Entities

If your corporation or LLC is domestic (same state), you can skip this step.

If you are a foreign organization, go to the secretary of state in the state where you are incorporated, and get a Certificate of Good Standing. This must be attached to the application form.

For foreign entities wishing to register in California, the certificate must be dated within 6 months of the time of filing.

Step 4: File Application, Fee, and Return Envelope with Department of Commerce

File your application and fee with state’s department of commerce. Know that nonprofit corporations may qualify for reduced filing fees.


For California, you may hand deliver for over the counter processing to one of the regional offices (Sacramento, LA, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego) from 8 am – 4:30 pm. Call 916-657-5448 for complete current addresses. If a document is hand delivered there is an additional $15 counter fee and must be remitted separately. All offices accept checks or money orders made out to California Secretary of State.


The main office at the capitol is:

Business Entities Section (For hand deliveries)1500 11th St – 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916-657-5448


Mailing Address:

Document Filling Support Unit, PO 944260, Sacramento, CA 94424-2600

To facilitate the processing of documents sent to Sacramento, please attached a self addressed envelope and a letter referencing the corporate name as well as your name, return address, and phone should also be submitted.

California Taxes

Step 1:

Know that, since you are choosing to take advantage of all the rights and amenities of the state in which you are operating as a foreign corporation, you will be obligated to contribute to the health and wealth of that state. This may mean filing taxes and paying other fees within that state.
All California tax forms :



Tax General Information

Step 2:

Contact an attorney or firm who helps corporations register in foreign states to ensure that you are strictly adhering to the registration procedure.

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