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$2395 for a 13 year old shelf company for a limited time.  Ask for the list here



Nevada Secretary of State
 $650 state annual fee ($500 NV business license + $150 NV annual list of officers)
Wyoming Secretary of State
$50 Annual fee
  Montana Secretary of State

$20 Annual fee

  New Mexico Secretary of State

$0 Annual fee

Poor choice for building business credit.  Nevada is known for financial fraud, gambling, prostitution, drugs, and money laundering.  Banks avoid lending in NV whenever possible.  Financial fraud is over the charts in NV.   Moderate results when applying for business credit.   Great results when applying for business credit.   Great results when applying for business credit.  NM doesn't have an annual report.  Costs less to maintain.  We place your name on the public record at no extra charge.



CAUTION: Nevada corporations require a business license: Now up to $500, Caution:  Not filing the annual business license jeopardizes the corporate veil in Nevada.  Nevada business license requires SSN, DOB and other info of officers and owners.  Proof here.  Late penalty is $100.  PLUS, the annual list of officers is $150.  That's $650 per year in NV state fees.   Fees increased three times in 4 years.

  Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC:  Business license NOT required.

Fees don't go up.

No annual business license.

  State business License not required.  Same protection as Wyoming for less in state fees. 

Montana is the best for building business credit.

  No annual report required for New Mexico LLC's.

LLC's in New Mexico are a great choice because there's no maintenance. 

Moderate respect for property rights.  State business license requires DOB, SSN, and percentage of ownership.  Nevada sells their information to database companies.  Managers are public.  Complete management and ownership information is released from the State of Nevada.  Disclosed ownership info means easy execution against your interest in the event of collecting a judgment.   High respect for property rights and protection of property interests.  Excellent charging order protection.  Private.  Members are private.  Managers are made public.   High respect for property rights.  Owners/stockholders are not reported.   Moderate respect for property rights.  Members are private.

Nevada state renewals:

$150 for annual list of officers and $500 for the business license.  Filing fees are going up to cover State debts.


Wyoming annual renewal: $50

State of Wyoming is in the Black...no state debt.  Fees are staying level.

  Montana annual renewal: $20

State of Montana is in great financial shape. 

  $0 fee.  No annual fee for New Mexico LLC 's.  No annual report.  Expected to stay the same. 
Companies may be expedited within 24 hours.  Certificates of good standing are expensive, and require an expedite fee.   No expedite procedure.  Usually one week to file a new company or any amendments.  Certificates of good standing are free and may downloaded online, and printed immediately.   Download online any certificate of good standing 24/7 for a $5 fee.   Documents may be efiled.  Certificate of good standing may now be downloaded online. 
Now there's a Gross Receipt Tax (on gross income) for Nevada companies due on August 15th annually (also includes S Corps, LLC's and Partnerships.)   No state income tax.  No gross receipts tax.  It only applies to your business when the company is really doing business out of Wyoming.    Montana has an income tax.  It is not important because your business will pay taxes in the state where you live or work.   New Mexico has an income tax.  It is not important because your business will pay taxes in the state where you live or work.



  • Wyoming Registered Agent, $75 per year

  • Full Mail forwarding & Virtual Office, $400 per year

  • Full Mail forwarding & Virtual Office, $200 per year

  • Please call 307-237-2580





  • Decide on business address
  • Update your name and business address with the Secretary of State
  • File the company, as a foreign corporation, in the state you seek to do business.
  • File for DBA if necessary
  • File the applicable business licenses on the state, county and local level.
  • Open Business Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Open Custom Domain
  • Business Email
  • 411 Directory Listing: Free
  • Yellow Pages Listing
  • Superpages Listing
  • Yelp.com Business Listing
  • Bing Business Listing
  • Yahoo Business Listing
  • Bank Account Setup
  • Google Search Engine Listing
  • Google Search Marketing Account Setup
  • Bling Search Engine Listing
  • Get a DUNS without paying DNB
  • Build your credit profile without agreeing to DNB's terms of use.




  • Registration with 411 information
  • Secure SSL?
  • Number of years domain owned
  • Website updates
  • Matches WHOIS?
  • Search engine ranking
  • Directory listings
  • Media on website
  • Back links
  • Social media presence
    • Number of reviews
    • Number of ratings
    • Number of check-ins
    • News coverage
    • Online activity
    • Number of likes
    • Number of followers
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Policies posted on the website
  • Principals listed on the website.  Do those principals match the public record with the Secretary of State, business licenses, and other public data?  Consistency is key.
  • McAfee seal?  Verisign seal?  TrustE seal?


  • Trade references
  • Number of locations
  • Revenue growth
  • Press releases, Ads
  • Good standing with the Secretary of State
  • Business licenses
  • State where the company was filed.
  • UCC filings as creditor or debtor, lawsuits
  • Liens filed
  • Rent district
  • Per capita income of the area of where the business is located.
  • Recent acquisitions
  • Copyrights
  • DBAs
  • Complaints or lack thereof; BBB
  • Insurance
  • References, testimonials
  • Entity Bio
  • Intellectual property







  • Periodically check the Secretary of State to make sure the corporate officers are accurate, and weren't changed by an unknown party.
  • When writing checks to pay credit cards, place the last four numbers on the check.  Don't write the entire credit card number on the check.
  • Photocopy the contents of what's in your wallet.  Keep those copies with someone that you trust.
  • Place your initials on your checks.  Don't print your full name.
  • On back of credit cards, sign "check photo id".
  • Place work number on the check, not your home phone number.
  • Contact the following groups to place a fraud alert on your name and SSN, and when your info is stolen:

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
Social Security Administration (fraud line): 1-800-269-0271

COURTESY:  Blue Delta




  • Renew Montana Company
  • Renew Wyoming Company
  • Renew New Mexico Company

Please call 484.256.4563 or email.



nominee officer, nominee officer service, nevada nominee officer, nevada nominee servicesEnhance your marketing campaign with an aged shelf corporation.  Gain increase access to corporate credit.

  • Prospective clients prefer to buy from an business two years old than one that's two weeks old.  Consider credibility and stability part of your marketing plan.
  • Business start-up is more convenient when you have a corporation or LLC that's immediately available.
  • Have access to enhanced contract opportunities
  • Build corporate credit
  • Use our mail forwarding address while the company files as a foreign entity in your state.
  • We throw away junk mail.
  • We provide corporate resolutions to protect the corporate veil.
  • Obtain limited liability in your business affairs.  We call this asset protection.
  • Enhance a business loan application.

When should you start building corporate credit?

Start building corporate credit from day 1.  Time is necessary to apply for credit, locate the lenders, and establish a positive payment history.  Time is also needed for that good history to post to the business credit bureaus.

Is the name of the shelf company important?  Should I change the name of the company?

Remarkably, the name of the shelf company is NOT as important as you think.  What you do is more important than the name of your company.  But you still want a catchy name, right?  Obtain the shelf company and file it in your home state.  Then determine if the preferred name is available in your home state.  File a Doing-Business-As (DBA) in that state, if the name is available.

Should I change the name of the shelf company?

No, lenders consider name changes as a new company.  If you seek to max out available financing, stay away from name changes.

What do I get with my shelf company?

Original articles, resolutions, operating agreement (LLC), bylaws (Corporation), release of control over the company.

What should I look for in looking for a shelf company?

  • It's clean of liabilities.
  • Seller of shelf corporation or shelf LLC will guarantee claims that it's clean.
  • No previous owners.
  • Ample selection of companies.
  • Reasonably priced.

Should we use a virtual office?


The virtual office industry is great for convenience but NOT for companies applying for corporate credit.  When too many companies share an address and donít pay off their loans, an address may be flagged.  In the effort to look legitimate, the company looks suspicious because too many companies occupied that address and a few didnít pay their loans.


What shall you do about the company filing in your home state?


File the company in your home state.  You can serve as the registered agent for the company.  The registered agent is the point of contact for the company in case the government, or court, seeks information about the company.  File the company in your home state as a foreign LLC or foreign corporation. 


Who should be the corporate officers?


Lenders will request that you serve as Director and Officer of the company thatís applying for corporate credit.


What about privacy?


You may have privacy or corporate credit.  But you may not have both at the same time with the same company.  We sell shelf companies to empower business owners to access capital.  Privacy services are not offered here. 


What about offshore shelf companies?


We offer companies from Nevada, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  We haven't identified any benefit in obtaining an offshore shelf company to build corporate credit or to obtain capital. We don't recommend it.


Will a shelf company help me save money on taxes?


No tax savings offered or promised.  The lender will ask you to file the shelf company in your home state before applying for financing.  There are no taxes savings other than what's provided after you incorporate any other business.  Check with your tax advisor.


Do you have aged corporations with aged EINís? 


No.  EINís are random numbers.  They are not sequential.  Therefore, you really canít tell if the EIN is new or old.  This is a common question by those who seek to build corporate credit.  If having an ďaged EINĒ were of benefit, we would apply for them.  Those selling corporate credit programs commonly present this as misinformation.  Furthermore, a corporation without an EIN is more likely free from liabilities. 


Your competitors offer nominee EIN's.  Why don't you?


The IRS decided that nominee EIN's are not acceptable.  We comply with IRS rules and regulations.  We don't offer nominee EIN's.  If you obtain a nominee EIN, you're asking for problems.  We service clients who seek to comply with the law.


Is my interest in the company hidden?


No.  When applying for corporate credit, you must disclose your interest in the company to the bank.  Financial institutions need to know your connection and interest to the company before lending money.  If you're seeking corporate credit, there's no privacy.  Your name must be on the public record and you cannot use a "nominee" as Director or President.


Must I use my social social security number to apply for the EIN?


Yes.  Form SS4 with the IRS.  Please visit IRS.gov for instructions and details.  We don't provide nominee EIN's. 


What about a business license?


Visit BusinessLicenses.com to determine what licenses you may need.

First file the company in your state as a foreign corporation.  Then file the county and city business license as required in your area.


What needs to be done after I obtain the company?


Apply for EIN, apply to do business in the state in which you seek to do business, apply for the local or state level business license, build the corporate credit, apply for financing.


Can I convert the corporation to an LLC?  LLC to a corporation?


No, the lenders consider this a new company.


If I have good credit, how long will it take to build corporate credit?


4-6 months.


If I have bad credit, how long will it take to repair it?


1-3 months to repair your personal credit, then 4-6 months to build corporate credit.  Sometimes, it may take less.


Can I select any business name?


Try to stay away from companies that possess the following words in the company name:  Funding, Investment, Holding, Capital, or Real Estate


Why don't you publish the names of the aged shelf companies online?  I don't see them on your website.


We respect your privacy and your affairs.  Whether you acquired an existing company is your business.  By publishing the list of available aged shelf companies online, the seller is claiming to the world that these available entities are for sale.  We don't think this works in the best interests of the client.


We prefer to email you a list of available aged shelf companies so we may protect your interests, when you acquire the entity.  In this manner, you reserve the choice to tell others whether you acquired an existing company.


Inquire whether the aged shelf company was consistently in good standing.


Our companies are always in good standing. 


There are other providers, who sell aged shelf companies, that are over five years old.  Many times, these companies were not consistently in good standing and were dissolved as a result.  As a result, when the company is researched by a lender or credit rating outfit, the shelf company itself may be "red flagged."  This may prevent the obtaining of financing.  If the company wasn't always in good standing, the age of the company may be reset to when it was brought "back from the dead."


All of our companies are home grown and never dissolved.  We don't acquire them from others.  We file the corporations and LLC's ourselves, maintain them in-house, and we make certain that they are always in good standing.  This results in a quality company that you may rely on to build corporate credit.


Where do the business credit bureaus obtain information?

  • Public records
  • Court and judgment records, lawsuits, and UCC and other liens
  • Business registrations
  • Yellow pages
  • 411 information
  • Telephone interviews of the company principals
  • Reports from creditors and other companies
  • Website information
  • Financial reports
  • Reports from suppliers

Do a self-assessment of your business.

Age of the shelf company:  If you're company is less than two years age, lenders will not extend credit.

Business Licenses:  A business license shows your business in compliant.  It also reflects the owners of the company.  A business license was not recorded for any of our shelf companies because it wasn't required.  When you obtain a business license for the shelf company in your state, you will be the first owner of record as listed on the application. 

Location:  After you obtain the shelf corporation or shelf LLC, you will need to file the company in your state, and obtain a business address.  You have a great advantage if you operate from a business zoned address.  Home addresses are ranked lower and get less financing.  A cost-effective solution is to make a list of businesses that do business with you.  Consider your real estate agent, life insurance agent, dry cleaner and others. Offer to pay them $100 a month to rent desk space and to pick up your mail.  Then use their commercial address for the business.  Don't use a virtual office such as a UPS location, or other virtual office services.  This is because too many businesses are registered at

Annual revenues:  If no revenues, use sales projections.  Our shelf companies had no sales because they didn't have any business activity.

EIN:  You need an EIN to open bank accounts, and to do business.  Our shelf corporations have no EIN.  You must apply for the EIN with the IRS using form SS4.

Number of Employees:  Consider your paid professionals (tax advisors, attorney, business consultant).  Our shelf corporations have no employees and owe no employment tax.

Information required:  For store credit, a DUNS number is required.  Depending on which financial institution, the amount of financing requested will determine if additional information is required.

Bank accounts:  When you obtain financing, the bank will require you set up a new account.  As such, your present account would then serve as a secondary account.  Expect to set up the account in the same financial institution that extends credit.  Our shelf companies have no EIN and no bank accounts. 

Shelf companies with existing EIN's and existing bank accounts carry am inherent risk of suspicious business histories, back taxes, liabilities and potential lawsuits due to unpaid obligations.  Consider this:  Who would sell a two year old shelf company with an EIN and a bank account unless it went out of business?  What obligations are they attempting to avoid?  Because of these considerations, always avoid a shelf corporation or a shelf LLC with an EIN or an existing bank account.  The safest company is one with no EIN and no bank account at all.  After  acquiring the company, you then file for the EIN and open the bank account.

The EIN is free from the IRS.  You, as the owner, should apply for the EIN.  Don't pay for a nominee service to obtain the EIN.

Websites:  Your company should have a website and a dedicated email account.  The website name doesn't need to match the name of the shelf company.  Further, you are able to obtain a Doing-Business-As(DBA) for the company so it matches up with the website. 

Phone Numbers:  The phone should be a physical landline, not a VOIP line. Register the number with 411 services.  If you obtain and internet line, you won't be able to register with 411.  The telephone number must be in the name of the business; not in your personal name.

Shelf Company Fraud : Fake and Fraudulently Reinstated Shelf Companies

Be careful not to buy a company from an incorporator who reinstates corporations.  A reinstated shelf company is not legitimate if the original owners didn't consent to the filing.  That's right!  The owners must consent to the filing.  In fact, the bank or financial institution will not honor the age of a shelf company from the date of incorporation, if it was reinstated.  From the perspective of the bank, the shelf company's age restarted from the date the company was reinstated.  This means that a 100 year old company's age is one year if it was reinstated this time last year.  It's not an 100 year old company because it was dissolved or inactive for the past 20 years, for example.

The seller of the aged shelf company may tell you that the 100 year old shelf company is actually 100 years old.  Yes, the papers look official because they are from the Secretary of State.  But, so what?  The manner in which the bank perceives the age of the company differs greatly from the incorporator who is trying to sell you the company.  So, where's the fraud?  An incorporator who convinces you to buy an expensive company, whatever the age, but doesn't tell you the truth of how banks make decisions--is engaging in fraud.  This applies when the incorporator knows that you're seeking to build business credit with this company your buying.

The second part of this fraud is due to many shelf companies reinstated without the owner's permission.  The scammer came along and reinstated an expired company and the proper owners are left unaware.  This is dangerous on several levels.  First, reinstating a company that doesn't belong to you is illegal.  Mail fraud comes to mind immediately.  Second, selling you a company that was illegally reinstated is also another act of fraud.  And finally, applying for an EIN and opening a bank account under a company that doesn't really belong to you are felony acts that may carry federal consequences.  This is not worth the risk.  The seller may also be engaging in wire fraud or mail fraud in receiving the funds, and that may even be considered an act of money laundering. 

Simply because someone presents to you a certificate of good standing, and a filed set of articles of incorporation, doesn't mean that they own the company.  And if you do business using a company that didn't belong to the seller, it doesn't belong to you.  Receiving stolen property is serious business.  Civil and criminal penalties are possible, and likely.  This is a business identify theft on all levels.

An additional problem is that the reinstated company may carry unseen problems such as bad debts, back taxes, unfiled tax returns, and judgments.  Imagine investing your life, energy, time, and effort into a company that you thought you owned, but don't, and then receive a visit from the IRS.  Why stress yourself out and spin your wheels?

You are better off acquiring an aged shelf company that is filed and maintained by the same individuals.  We don't sell reinstated companies.  We only sell companies that we filed, we maintained in good standing every year, and we sell only once.  You are then considered the original owner because we are the incorporator. 

If you follow the simple rule that you don't take what belongs to someone else, and you don't buy stolen stuff, a world of hurt is easily avoided.  Don't be convinced otherwise by those who are dishonest and dark minded, and won't hesitate to complicate your life in the process.


If you suspect your business is a victim of identity theft, please access these resources as a starting point:

NASS White Paper on Business Identity Theft

NASS Business Identity Theft Presentation October 2011

NASS Business Identity Theft Tool Kit July 2011

IRS on Business Identity Theft

FTC on Identity Theft

You're welcome to call us at 484.256.4563


Aged shelf corporations and LLC's offer no tax advantages.  We're not attorneys.  We're not tax advisors.  Aged corporations are not an advantage if you intend to do business with the government.

Why acquire an aged shelf company to start your business?

Why build corporate credit with an aged shelf corporation or shelf LLC?
  1. Make money by offering your product and services with confidence, credibility and stability.
  2. Instant access to customers who otherwise wouldn't buy from you.
  3. Instant access to vendors because your aged company meets an age requirement
  4. Save time because you don't need to wait for your corporation or LLC to age.  Simply acquire a real aged company off the shelf.
  5. Reduce your effort to meet business objectives.
  6. Reduce stress about your business.
  7. Impress your customers, vendors, suppliers, supporters, advertisers, etc.
  8. Maximize finance options.
  9. Obtain better financing terms.
  10. Increase and extend cashflow.
  11. Instant credibility.
  12. Access bidding opportunities.
  13. Better positioning to take advantage of opportunities.
  14. Meet unforeseen demands to meet obligations.
  15. Make it easier to close sales and handle objections.
  16. Avoid hassles when signing leases and rental agreements for space or for equipment.
  17. Minimize risk of business failure due to an enhanced ability to close the sale, increase revenue, and negotiate on strength.
  18. Access additional lines of credit as a result of increased revenue.  Vendors and customers seek to do business with a company that's been around for years rather than weeks.


Don't delay in incorporating. Incorporating a new company is better than not incorporating at all.  And older corporation is a great advantage in overcoming the age hurdle immediately.  Most competitors won't consider it.
Don't pay for the DNB corporate credit package.  You don't need it, or them. DNB makes money from selling reports about your company.  When your company applies for any credit, DNB will issue a DUNS number automatically so it can sell reports about your company.  Therefore, you don't need to pay DNB for a "quick" registration.  Save your $500+ and spend it on marketing.
Not paying bills on time. Pay bills on time.
Don't use personal credit to finance business operations. Obtain credit in the company name.
Don't place your house and other assets at risk.  Don't use your home office to build corporate credit. Incorporate.  Obtain a business address for the company.
Don't post collateral from personal assets for business operations.  It makes them vulnerable to loss.  This risk is acceptable if you're reasonably sure that it's necessary and there's a likelihood of success.  Otherwise, it's a bad idea.
Don't commingle business and personal assets.   As a sole proprietor, you have unlimited liability.  The use of a corporation or LLC provides limited liability.

Keep company assets separate from business assets.

Then place business assets in your business.  Don't commingle personal and business assets.  Separate is good.

Don't commingle contact information.  Although your name is on the corporation or LLC as the Director/President or Manager, the address of the company should be a business address. Keep business contact information separate from your personal assets.  This means a separate phone number, separate fax number and address.  Efax.com and a virtual office, or mail drop, may help accomplish this objective. 
Don't use family assets unless collateral is required for the necessary level of financing. Keep the family assets and obligations separate from the business.  Only use the family assets when you accept the total commitment of that collateral and what would happen if the collateral is lost.
Don't use your personal credit as guarantor for a business loan unless it is absolutely necessary. Apply for credit under the company name to develop a company credit profile that is separate from your personal credit profile.
Don't ignore special status. SBA offers special status such as Women Business Enterprise, Women-Owned Small Business, B(A) Business Development Program, Minority Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Historically Underutilized Business Zones, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Don't ignore business licensing and insurance. Compliance is a prerequisite to getting funded.  Obtain the business licensing and insurance required by your state.
Don't ignore the business plan.  Since most people don't have a business plan, they lose out on opportunities, cost cutting measures, and execute poor accounting measures.  They don't know where they are going. Business plans help business owners stay focused.  And they assist in keeping things into perspective in how the business sits among competitors, the industry, location, break even point, advantages, risks, customer profile, marketing plan, objectives, management, operations, financials, goals, and other issues.  This is an advantage for people who plan because most people won't plan at all.  How many people heard of the business plan but refuse to consider one?  But they'll plan a vacation to every detail.
Don't ignore business financials. The bank wants to see your business' cash position, cash on hand, income sales, expenses, and repayment terms on loans.
Don't ignore yourself. Critical information about you:  Your financials, collateral, loan terms, interest rate, personal credit score, and reason for the loan.
Don't commingle credit histories.  Keep your credit file separate from your spouse, separate from others (co-signer) and separate from your business.

For more information, please click here.


  • Lenders require full transparency.  This means your name is listed on the public record.
  • Don't use a nominee officer/contract officer if you're applying for corporate credit.
  • Lenders prefer companies that are at least two years old.
  • File the WY company in your home state as a foreign corporation
  • Obtain a commercial address where you intend to do business
  • Obtain the phone number, using the commercial address as the billing address
  • Register the phone number with 411 information services
  • Be honest on all applications for credit
  • You're ready!  Start building corporate credit.  Call 307.237.2580 for a referral.


1.  Choose the shelf company for acquisition

2.  We send a custom order form

3.  You approve the order and fax to our number, 702.920.8824

4.  We process the order after receiving payment

5.  The documents we have on file are sent via USPS Express Mail

6.  We order a new set of documents from the Secretary of State

7.  You provide an updated list of officers and the new company address

8.  You apply for the EIN and the bank account.

9.  You file the company in another state and update that information with us.



Search for a corporation or LLC by state

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