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Please Notice:  Applying for corporate credit is more involved at this time due higher standards in application for credit.  It's  unlikely to obtain more than $100,000 in credit lines, involving no collateral and with no guarantor.  Using a shelf company may be considered high risk in obtaining credit, regardless of the source.  Results vary.




      The preparation and maintenance of a corporate credit profile enables the business owner to build corporate credit.  Since businesses are ranked and rated in different ways by a variety of organizations, it's helpful to know the basics and the differences between them.


    Before applying for business credit, make certain that the public records on the company are consistent between the Secretary of State where the company is originally filed, the Secretary of State where you live or do business, and the business licenses on the county and municipal levels.  For example, if your company was filed in Wyoming, and also filed in Florida, then make certain that both states report the same information as what you place on the registration.  That applies to all information, such as your name as Director, all officer positions, address of the company, etc.


Since there are many companies filed with similar names, consistent and true information is key.  Your first step to make certain all data reflecting your company is the same from the Secretary of State to the local business license.  You must receive mail at that address.  And the Director and officers must truly be involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.  In short, be truthful and minimize discrepancies from all points of view.  Consistency is key.


 Looking to build a business credit profile?  So, let's pick a few vendors known for fast reporting.  This means you need to buy something from them over $50 to create the debt, and then pay it as early as possible.  And don't be one day late!  When ordering, ask for a Net 30 account.  This means you must pay within 30 days.  A couple of cash orders may be necessary prior to them providing a Net 30 account.  If that's the case, then pay cash for the items, and then follow up on more orders and then request a Net 30 account.  This is what you need to prepare:

  • Ask for a Net 30 account (business account).

  • The business address and mailing address of your business.  Yes, that means that by the time you reached this point, your business address and phone number for the business was established.  The billing address of the phone service matches up with the business address.  And the business address matches up with the local business license, if any, and the information reflected with the Secretary of State.

  • Decide if the shipping address is the same as the billing address of the company.

  • Your name as contact for the company.

  • The items you're ordering.

  • If they say no, this means that a few cash or credit card orders are necessary before they consider a Net 30 account (pay within 30 days).

  • If approved, ask for the account number.  Keep a folder on your relationship with each vendor in paper or on your computer.

  • Provide identification if they require it.  This takes the form of a driver's license for yourself.  Forms of identification for a business may be a business card, a local business license, articles of incorporation, company check, or credit card with the name of the business.

  • Order at least $50 from each supplier so the transaction is reportable to the business credit agency.

  • If the sales person asks if you would like to pay by credit card, decline and then ask for a NET 30 account. Since they ask you how this will be paid, always ask for a NET 30 account.  When they say no, this means a few orders may be necessary (paying cash or credit card) prior to establishing the NET 30 account.

  • Once these accounts are established, continue to order from them so you can continue to build your credit profile as you pay everything on time.  Remember, you can't be one day late!

  • Here are the providers:






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